Welcome to Jeannie’s Fitness Muffin Shop

Wouldn’t you like to have something that taste like baked goods, but is actually good for you?  Well, I have done just that! My muffins consists of all whole foods and no preservatives or sugar alcohols.  The muffins are dense so all you need is just one to fill you up!  They are delicious in the morning for breakfast with a cup of coffee, a snack, or when you have those awful night cravings.  When you receive my muffins, they need to be refrigerated since they have no preservatives in them.  You can also freeze them as well.   Putting the muffins in tupperware containers will keep them fresh.

Nutrition information will vary depending on the flavor.   Please note that many of these flavors are derived from extracts, which offer little or no fat, sodium, or sugar.   For information on a specific flavor, please contact me directly.   Each muffin contains 100-120 calories, and with little or no sodium.   With my muffins you are getting approximately 10 grams of Carbs for energy and approximately 10grams of Protein that you need to keep you going throughout the day!    I have 20 flavors to choose from and have more to come.   For mailing I do vacuum pack to keep the muffins fresh.

As an IFBB Professional Athlete, I consume these muffins on a daily basis, which is a vital key to my nutritional needs.

Hope you enjoy your Muffins!!!


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